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Your finished the jobs of 25,000 men employed within the PSP system and presumed there wont getting consequencies

That job depresses myself

Really these matters men and women grumble about but to those just who dont monitor, they think it is because of bribes or celebration capital.

Look at the monstrusity getting developed at Oshodi. …..the funds sunk there is accustomed develop jetties and get ferries to just take individuals from Badagry, Ikorodu and Iyana Iba on the area daily therefore reducing the traffic. But this is certainly Governor Ambode. He feels in «run larger or go home»

Speaking about factors responsible for Ambode’s getting rejected, Joe Igbokwe, the publicity assistant associated with APC in Lagos said, aˆ?No person is actually disputing the fact that Ambode has done, but I think during the real position of it, the guy failed in some places.

Real human position contained in this framework means delivering more bullion vans to offload profit a certain house at Bourdillion street

That’s the problem. Your remain on the island, in Epe while evaluate following that that Ambode carried out and soon you journey to Alimosho, Agege, FESTAC, Iyana Iba and also you discover hell.

Mind you, Alimisho and Agege are huge voting blocks. While these are generally tasks you need, they are also highways that consume individuals run and back every day

These roads serve as main and alternative streets hence fixing them while doing so merely ways individuals will get back home at c. The typical thing a federal government with real part is going to do will be do remedial job on one, focus on the second when which done, start main work with another.

Ambode enjoys for whatever reason deserted the Badagry expressway. The Reason Why? Nobody knows. Placing the individuals through crazy torture daily however the guy shows images of Epe expressway which going after Badagry highway.

Lets proceed to spend. Lagos stinks. Their cancellation of PSP had been crap and unnecessary. It was a system that really works and applied almlost 25,000 folk like street sweepers and instantly, the governor cancelled it. Whether it ended up being terminated for just one that worked it might make adultfriendfinder good sense but no. Cleaner Lagos was actually an ill-thought indisputable fact that is found on a unique, floor for impeachment.

Casing. I am aware about 3 housing work which were completed by Fashola administration in Ikorodu, Alimosho, Iyana Iba, Jakande home etc. These houses have begun done and all sorts of that is required are ballot and allotment but Governor Ambode left the residences and place all of them under lock with no cause. Another appropriate ground for impeachment.

That project depresses me

It really is these things everyone grumble about but to those who dont observe, they think simply because of bribes or party financial support.

Check out the monstrusity are created at Oshodi. …..the funds sunk there is certainly used to create jetties and buy ferries to simply take people from Badagry, Ikorodu and Iyana Iba on isle every day thus easing the website traffic. But that is Governor Ambode. He thinks in «run big or return home»

First of, although the bridge at Abule Egba had been lovely, how can you explain Ambode’s strengthening a BRT lane in the center of Lagos-Abeokuta expressway and at the same time design a link in Agege?

Garbage! If Tinubu had supported Ambo for 2nd name, this your epistle would already been written in an other way. SMH

I remember the method that you normally praised your and also known as him the greatest governor in Nigeria. Straight away Tinubu rejected your, you started cursing Ambode

hisexcellency34:Nice observation Mynd44That could be the issue. Your stay on the area, in Epe and you also judge from there that Ambode carried out before you vacation to Alimosho, Agege, FESTAC, Iyana Iba while read hell.