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What I understand is that most lenders”””” are NOT pursuing deficiency judgments””“” Car loan for an unemployed college student?

“” Credit report? where can i go to check my credit report if i dont have a credit card?“” Why do mares in foal run faster? Tonight I backed a horse called Smart ***.It won at 7/1 in a photofinish.I found out after she was in foal.Why is it not compulsary for the trainer to tell you this?“” I was wondering if anyone has filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy and if so what was the payment very high? I am currently going thru the proceedings for a chapter 13 BK. We will be doing the repayment program over a span of 5 years, I was wondering if anyone has ever done it and was the payment very high?””“” #repost

I already filled out a pre approval form with our Bank USAA and got pre approved for the $150,000

Thanks in advance. I would like to get my tax refund by 1/, is there any place where I can file my taxes and get my refund by then or in the same day? Are there additional fees that anyone knows specifics of that I would have to pay to get this done? Short sale is not an option when you have a 2nd or equity line also in default. I am currently a full-time student at a university and I live in a very rough area and I take the bus to get to school and it takes approximately 2 hours to get to school and 2–3 hours to get back home depending at what time i get out.

Yesterday 6 people were shot on my street…the obvious option is to move, but i would still have to take the bus and well it is generally bad everywhere ( i carry pepperspray but i dont think thats enough). But wherever I go im still going to have my transportation problem, and I cant get a job because there still remains the same issue. So if I get a car, i can get to the university a lot safer and it will allow me to get a job on weekends. The problem is getting approved for a loan, I have a co-signer but all the places i have tried so far (online) have rejected the request because i am unemployed and have no credit history (turned 18 in august)….

The problem is that the bank requires me to have full insurance coverage on the vehicle which is running me almost 200$ a month because I am 22

Should i just go to a dealer and see if i can get financed? I just recently became a member of the LGFCU and I am wondering how long I have to have an account there to get an auto loan, credit card, or mortgage loan? Anyone with any experience with this please give me your input. Thanks in advance. We decided to use our VA benefits and get a VA loan. Now USAA said we are pre-approved BUT we would have to pay $7500 in closing cost. Does that seem a bit high. One of my husbands friends said that he did not have to pay anything except a few fees which were a few hundred dollars but nowhere near $7500.

When I typed in the information on USAA’s calculator for the amount of 139 900. I thought there was no downpayment with VA loans. Sounds to me like a rip off. Any advice? I have enough money to pay off my loan. I was told that if I’m paying for a vehicle loan monthly that my credit will grow or something. I’ve been paying it for over a year. I’m paying for an apartment and utilities so I’m assuming I don’t need to pay for a vehicle loan as well. guaranteed payday loans Gallipolis Also the interest on the loan is about 400$ a year.