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A vdr system is a vessel data recording (VDR) system utilized to record and store ship-related data. It is main goal is to bring about incident deliberate or not and improve operational safeness by noting trends that might result in incidents.

Additionally, it is a valuable schooling tool with regards to crew, as well as an efficient means of documenting best practices exercised onboard that are worthy of replication. Additionally, it helps with preventative maintenance, significant weather destruction analysis and performance efficiency monitoring.

The VDR is a laptop that welcomes data coming from a variety of receptors installed onboard a send. The sensor interface gadgets convert the analog, digital article and serial signs from the product into NMEA strings and then to a final saving medium (FRM).

IMO restrictions require which a standard VDR stores by least down the page information: date and period referenced to Matched Universal Time (UTC), ship’s location, speed, proceeding, bridge music (acquired by simply one or more microphones placed as to record conversations and clear alarms), Very High Frequency (VHF) radio landline calls, radar info, depth within keel, key alarms, rudder order and response, engine order and response, hull openings position, watertight and fire entrances status and, where readily available, accelerations and hull strains.

The VDR can store this data for that period of not less than 12 hours ahead of it is overwritten by the latest data. It is also qualified to survive weighty weather, crashes and fire, and can be operated from a depth of several meters in normal water.